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12 forms of Ganesha

The Ganesha Purana and the Mudgala Purana are core scriptures for devotees of Ganesha, known as Ganapatyas. These are the only two Puranas those are exclusively dedicated to Lord Ganesha which consider Ganesha to represent the ultimate reality of being.

As such, Ganesha's manifestations are endless but eight of his incarnations have special significance.The incarnation described in the Mudgala Purana took place in different ages.

In each incarnation,Ganesha fought against and slayed a different demon.Each demon relates to a flaw in human nature.The eight flaws which Ganesha fought against are- jealousy, drunkeness, illusion, greed, anger, desire, egotism, and arrogance.

8 Forms Of Mudgal Puran

01) Vakratunda
This is the first incarnation of Ganesha.Ganesha with a twisted trunk.This form represents the embodiment of the form of Brahman.The purpose of this incarnation is to overcome the demon Matsaryasura (jealousy). His mount ie Vahan(vehicle) is a lion.Thus symbolically, Ganesha-Vakratunda is the god who destroys and overcomes the destructive power of jealousy.

02) Ekadanta
This is the second incarnation-Ganesha with a single tusk.This form represents the embodiment of the essential nature of Brahman. the purpose of this incarnation is to overcome the demon Madasura (arrogance). His mount is a mouse.

03) Mahodar
The third incarnation of Ganesha with mouse as his mount.Mahodara slayed the demon Mohasur.Mahodar also slew two other demons, Durbuddhi and his son Jnanari.

04) Gajanan
This is the fourth incarnation with a mouse as his conveyance.Ganesha having complete face of an elephant.Gajanan made the demon Lobhasur or Lobha (son of Kuber) submit and surrender before him, before putting him to death. Gajanana means "the Lord with an elephant face", and Lobha was the demon of Greed.

05) Lambodar
The fifth incarnation-Ganesha with a Long belly.This form represents the Shakti, the pure power of Brahman.The purpose of this incarnation is to overcome the demon Krodhasura (anger). His mount is a mouse.

The sweet offerings are seen like seeds of innumerable worlds inhabited by innumerable living creatures, and the Ganesha's's belly is large enough to accomodate all these worlds and creatures.

06) Vikata
This is the sixth incarnation.Ganesha having the dangerous looks to defeat the enemies.He finished the 'Kamasur',the demon of desire. Interestingly, Ganesha traded in his Mouse Vehicle to ride a peacock in this manifestation.

07) Vighnaraja

This is the seventh and the most popular incarnation, which is the Remover of Obstacles.Ganesha who removes all the mishaps in devotees' life.He has conveyance of a Sheshnaag or Shasha. In this lifetime Ganesha slayed the demon Mamasur (also known as Mamtasur or Mama),the demon of the ego.

08) Dhumravarna
The eighth incarnation has grey color.This form represents the destructive nature of Brahman.This form of Ganesha finished the demon Abhimanasur (pride). His mount is a horse.

This demon has also been called Ahamkarasur,the word pointing to the inextricable control of the ego on the human. Ganesha can smash the bonds of your ego, if you pray him.

4 Forms Of Ganesh Puran

Clockwise names-1) Mahotkata 2) Mayureshwar 3) Gajanan 4) Dhumraketu

The four incarnations of Ganesha those appeared in different yugas.These four are the different than the eight forms described above.

01) Mahotkat Vinayak
Ganesha with ten arms and a red complexion.His mount is either elephant or a lion.He was born to Kashyap and Aditi.In this form Ganesha killed two demons by the names Dhumraksha,Devantak and Narantak.

02) Mayureshwar
He has six arms and a white complexion.His mount is a peacock.He was born to Shiva-Parvati in the treta yuga.He appeared for the slaying of the demon Sindhu. Mayureshwar gifted his mount peacock to his younger brother Skanda at the end of his incarnationThe peacock mount is generally associated with Skanda.
03) Gajanan
He has four arms and was born with a red complexion. He has a mouse as his mount. He is born to Shiv-Parvati in Dwapara yuga.The purpose of his incarnation was the killing of the demon Sindurasan,who was reddish in complexion.Ganesh Gita was explained to the king Varenya by Gajanan.

04) DhumraketuHe is grey(dhumra) in colour,like ash.He has either two or four arms.Blue horse is his mount.He will come to end the decline of the Kaliyug.In this incarnation he kills many demons.

The 12 forms are associated with 12 rashis(zodiac signs).These 12 Ganesha names are given by Narad Muni.

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