Sunday, March 31, 2013

How to be an ideal hindu

Being an ideal Hindu simply implies living a righteous life by obeying the two basic tenets of Karma, ie, doing one's duty and Dharma, ie, believing in what is right in order to attain salvation from this world.
Difficulty: Hard
Time Required: Everyday, lifelong

Here's How:

  1. Rise up from bed before sunrise.
  2. Complete morning ablutions and bath.
  3. Pay homage to the family deity.
  4. Spend 10-15 minutes praying, meditating and reciting from the scriptures.
  5. Prepare breakfast and eat it only after offering the same to the family deity.
  6. Then throughout the day execute the tasks pertaining to one's profession with complete devotion, sincerity and honesty for the maintenance of the family.
  7. In the evening perform group prayers in the family shrine along with all the members of the family.
  8. This is followed by supper and obeisance to the family deity before retiring to bed.
  9. Besides this daily routine, an ideal Hindu is advised to visit the nearest Hindu temple once in a while.
  10. You should observe several important Hindu festivals with due reverence, and go on pilgrimage to a few holy places.
  11. A Hindu is expected to give charity, help the needy, respect the elders in society and scrupulously pursue the path of moral rectitude in both personal and social life.
  12. Compassion, consideration for others, love, sympathy, non-violence should be the ruling words in the life of an ideal Hindu.


  1. Avoid the seven deadly sins of wrath, envy, pride, covetousness, gluttony, sloth, and lechery.
  2. Family deity can be any god or any saint whom you consider your own true god.
  3. Have faith in God and believe in yourself.

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