Monday, April 8, 2013

Parandi - hair braids

Paranda/Parandi is one of the traditional handicrafts of Punjab. It is a colorful hanging worn by the Punjabi women in their hair. Most of the Punjabi women have long hair, which they plait and then tie a paranda at the end.
Parandis are available with a great variety in designs and colors. They are made out of a bunch of silk threads, intricately woven with other skillful works. The craftsmen require a great deal of patience and creativity while producing the parandas. They reflect the natural liveliness and spontaneity of the Punjabi people.

In Punjab, parandas are available in different types, each one of them designed for a specific occasion. The villages in the districts of Jalandhar, Amritsar, Nikodar, Hoshiarpur and Ludhiana are mainly engaged in the handicraft industry of parandi.
Though paranda-making is not as exotic as the carpet weaving craft, the market for them is widely growing throughout the country. Paranda is now extensively used by women all over India, particularly during special occasions. It has a great appeal for foreigners as well, owing to its uniqueness and brightness.


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