Monday, April 22, 2013


Sehra  is a headdress worn by the groom during Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani weddings. It has garlands hanging that covers the face of the groom.

Sehra Worn By Indian Grooms
A Sehra is decorative veil worn by an Indian groom. It consists of an embroidered rectangular piece with strings that make up the veil. The stringed veil can be either made of flowers or beads. The Sehra is tied over the groom’s turban. Alternatively the groom’s turban can have the Sehra stitched into it.
Why Does An Indian Groom Wear A Sehra
A Sehra adds a touch of royalty and a hint of mystery to the groom. An important reason for wearing the Sehra is to protect the groom from “Nazar” or “The Evil Eye”.
A Sehra is more frequently worn in a North Indian wedding than in wedding in other parts of the country. Usually the young boy who accompanies the groom also wears a Sehra.

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