Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Why do people wear turbans?

99% of the people you will see wearing turbans in the U.S, Canada, and UK will be Sikhs, a religious group that originated in India during the 15th century. Sikhs wear turbans because they believe that god gave you hair during your birth, so you should not alter god's gifts in anyway. Therefore they do not cut their hair, although it is very common to see a Sikh wear a turban; yet have a trimmed beard, honestly because it is becoming "fashion", rather than religion. Sikhs' turbans are pointy at the tip of the head; can be circular. Minors usually wear their hair in a bun and type turbans on their heads that enclose their bunned hair. Western Media has blinded Americans in the propaganda, that people with turbans are Arabs or Muslims. When in fact, most, if not all, will be from India belonging to the Sikh or Hindu religion. To see the many variety of Sikh Turbans, and to learn more about the religion please visit the relevant link below.

Being historical warriors, Sikhs wear turbans (and other attire) to identify themselves as such. The wearing of turbans for all Sikhs was mandated by the tenth guru of the Sikhs, but all Sikh gurus wore turbans prior to this. As Sikhs do not cut their hair (out of respect for God), the turban serves to protect the hair and keep it clean- they also wear a turban at all times as they believe God is everywhere, while some other religions advocate the wearing of a head covering only at a time of worship.

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