Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How to remove henna

Given the qualities of a henna design, you can use my tips in a converse manner. When you and your friends first start doing mehndi artwork, you may end up with a disastrous mehndi design. But do not lose hope. If you decide that your design is not up to par, follow these instructions.

Remove the henna paste immediately: I know this goes without saying, and you probably noticed that you didn't like the design only after you removed the henna, but removing the henna quickly after application, using water, will prevent the henna dye from sinking below the most external layers of skin.

Take a Bath: Seriously now, a nice soak in hot water will not only keep you cool, calm and collected, but it will also cause your skin to exfoliate; thus, the layers of skin which have absorbed the henna design will flake off sooner if you soak it in water. Many artists suggest that you soak in a hot tub - the chlorine in the tub will definitely help to take the henna right off.

Wash your hands: Stronger soaps, like a soak in the hot tub, cause skin to exfoliate to a greater degree. To get rid of henna sooner, choose the antibacterial soap at your local drug store instead of regular glycerin.

Wait: I have to tell you that there is no hard and fast way to remove henna from the skin immediately. Some artists recommend soaks in mild, *dilute* bleaches. In general, use my tips carefully; scrubbing too hard and soaking in the bath for too long may just give you red, prune-shaped fingertips.

Chances are, however, that you will love your mehndi design and will want to keep it on your skin for as long as possible. But remember that mehndi is no ordinary tattoo, and as time passes, your henna will fade. Body heat and skin quality have a great deal to do with the quality of the design on a particular person. People who have dryer skin and a lot of body heat tend to have darker mehndi. I have known people who have had a mehndi design on for over a month for this reason alone. And I think that some people just always get good henna stains. I'll call these lucky ones "hennaphilic.


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