Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Haldi ceremony

Rasam (Ritual) of Haldi (Turmeric ) is one of the famous traditional rituals followed in Indian marriages. It is alsko called Indian Bridal glow mask as it beautify the Brides and Grooms and gives a glow to their skin.
Turmeric possesses many medicinal and skin problems healing properties. In India Turmeric is known as ‘Haldi‘.  It is a significant part of many Hindu customs and traditions including Hindu marriages.
The haldi ceremony refers to the pre-wedding ritual held just a day before the wedding, usually at both the bride and groom’s places. 

Applied on the face, hands and feet, the haldi ceremony is an Indian beautification process for the bride and groom before their D-day. It is believed that once the haldi ceremony takes place, the bride/groom is not allowed to step outside till their wedding.

In this ceremony the family members attempt to 'beautify' the bride and groom by applying a paste of turmeric (Haldi) on their face, hands and feet. The turmeric applied is known to improve one's complexion and is applied seven times on the body from bottom to top and then top to bottom. During the ceremony, kangana or sacred thread, is tied on the right wrists of the bride and groom. The kangana is a red thread strung through an iron chaaku (small iron knife for protection), turmeric sticks, supari (areca nut, but commonly known as betel nut) and kaudis (shells). These are all symbols of good luck, to protect the bride and the groom from the evil eye, so that the wedding happens without any obstacles.

Turmeric powder is mixed with milk or almong oil along with  sandal wood powder and applied to bride and bridegroom during this ceremony. The objective behind this ceremony is to make the person look beautiful and protect him or her from evil sprits. Turmeric powder is also used in Pooja. Hindu marriages are incomplete without turmeric. A newly married couple is always offered a Tilk of Haldi (Turmeric),Kumkum and Rice as a good omen. Not only marriages but also there are many such customs and traditions performed by Hindus where turmeric is used as a good omen. Turmeric is considered very holy as well as its yellow colour is also considered to be auspicious according to Hindu tradition.

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