Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Joota Chupai (Stealing the groom's shoes)

After the baraat, one of the most entertaining ceremonies is the 'Joota Chupai' which literally means 'hiding the shoes.' When the groom sits in the mandap it is customary for him and everyone else to remove their shoes. This is when his Saalis (the bride's sisters / cousins / bridesmaids) steal the groom's shoes and return them after a hard round of bargaining where they are promised money and gifts. It is the job of the groomsmen / groom's brothers / cousins / friends to not let the bride's entourage steal the shoes, and at the same time the bride's side has to try their best to get the shoes and hide them.

The negotiation for the shoes is an entertaining event since the groom, while desperate not to be fleeced, cannot take his bride home without his shoes. Out of station guests from the bride's side are advised to bargain until they get the price of their tickets reimbursed! Out of station guests from the groom's side are advised to showcase their bargaining skills as this is probably the only chance that they will have to actually flirt with and tease the bride's maids.

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