Saturday, May 25, 2013

How is a Garland made?

  • Usually flowers of one kind are used with a couple of different big flowers inserted in between. It is done in a pattern so as to look symmetrical.
  • Cut the flowers heads to its base of the calyx.
  • Now take a thread double the length of garland and thread needle to it.
  • Now insert the needle through the center of the flower or sideways through its stem.
  • Generally the same process is applied to all flowers till the thread is filled with flowers.
  • The ends of the threads are tied together so that the flowers don't fall out. Now the garland is ready to use.

Generally garlands are used in the worship of god. They are used welcome important persons and delegates in honor of respect to them like in Hawaii. Garlands are mainly used in marriages as the newly wedding couple exchange garlands is a symbol of true love and denotes long lasting relationship in life. Garlands are not only used in marriages they are also used for cradle ceremonies in order to contribute peace to their soul. Garlands are used in decorative purposes like decorating houses, making Christmas trees

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