Saturday, May 25, 2013

The significance of garland in India

If you have been to an Indian wedding or temple you will notice the bride and bridegroom wearing these huge garlands. The temples too have the idols decorated with garlands of fresh Jasmine, Rose and a special type of leaf that goes in with it. These leaves are very aromatic too. Garlands are sold by the thousands during festivals in India. Garlands are very spiritual in the Indian culture. They are used all over the world in almost every type of culture during celebrations and special ceremonies. Different cultures have their own meaning to it but somehow all the people in the world think of flowers as a symbol of happiness and so use garlands of flowers, confetti, paper for celebrating.

In India, flower garlands are used to show respect for deities and to celebrate marriages and anniversaries

In Tamil Nadu marigold, nitya kalyani flower garlands are used only for dead bodies or burial rituals.In functions, garlands are used to denote the main person(host).
A Gajra is a flower garland which women in India and Bangladesh wear during traditional festivals. It is made usually of jasmine. It can be worn both on the bun and with the braid coiling. Women usually wear these when they wear sarees.
In Tamil Nadu temples (ancient)kings had appointed people for making garlands for that particular deity daily. They were not allowed to sell that garland.Each Hindu temple in southern India has nandavanam (floweral garden) where floral plants, trees for garlands are grown.

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