Like in the American culture, food and special cuisine are very important in the Indian lifestyle. Families pride themselves on serving the best food when they visit with friends and family. There is also a wide variety of dishes and cooking techniques when making Indian food. Different spices are often utilized, so the food is extremely flavorful.
In a traditional meal, there are usually two or three main courses with many side dishes (like chutneys or roti) and desserts. Indian food is often divided into four sections by the region in which they are utilized: Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western.

The history of Indian cuisine goes all the way back to 7000 BCE when sesame, eggplant and cattle were introduced. Around 3000 BCE the spices turmeric, cardamom, pepper and mustard were first used (these spices are especially prevalent in Indian cooking today.) When invasions and new immigrants came later, tomatoes, chilies, and potatoes became staples in the Indians’ diet.
The most important parts of the Indian cuisine are rice, flour (also called atta), and an element called pulses. Pulses are masoor (red lentils), chana (Bengal ram), toor (pigeon pea), urad (black gram), and mung (green gram.)
Curries are also very important and are often fried in vegetable oil. In the Indian language, curries are often understood to mean ‘gravy’ because it accompanies other foods in the dishes.
Indians differ from one another :Religion,region,state ,language and caste;each of these groups have
 their own unique cuisine.

Regional Food:

1.North India
The food of North India are not as spicy compared to the South.
However,the spices used are more complex and aromatic.
Meat,nuts,dried fruits and yogurt are common ingredients used.

Some of the most influencing cuisines of the north:

A.Kashmiri cuisine (State of Kashmir)
-characterized by very highly aromatic and delicately spiced
-mostly meat based,especially lamb and goat
-delicately flavored:saffron and Kashmiri chilies(not too spicy)
-abundance of dried fruits and nunts in dishes:walnut and dried dates
-cottage cheese and climatic fruits like strawberries are also used

B.Mughlai cuisine (most North Indian States)-starting to be common used in Singapore
-kebabs,kofta,pulao,biryani are some common Mughlai dishes
-dishes are very expensive,rich in sauce,spicy and aromatic
-has aroma and taste of butter,ground and whole spices
-meat,apricots,melons,peaches,and plums are common ingredients

C.Punjabi cuisine (State of Punjabi)-common in Singapore
-tandoori(baked) and bread(roti0 dishes are heart of Punjab
-marinated meat,chicken,fish,paneer(cheese) and roti are baked
-diary products are used in most dishes:ghee,cheese and yogurt
-onion,garlic and ginger are basic spices used

2.West India

Vegetarianism dominates the West (Gujarat and Rajasthan)
Because of the strong influence of Hinduism and Jainism

Some of the most famous and possibly influencing cuisines of the West:

A.Goan cuisine (State of Goa)
-fish,pork,chicken and beef are famous due to Europe influence
-pork(unclean) are not commmonly eaten anywhere else in India
-seafood and coconut are special and commonly used as well
mixture of Portuguese,Indian and British yields the Goan cuisine
-famous for spicy,hot and baked foods,plus sweet indulgences

B.Gujarati cuisine (State of Gujarat)
-69% of all Gujarati are vegetarians
-eggs,onions and garlic are believed to increase passion and aphrodisiac
-vegetaraian food,diary products and butter are extremely essential

3.East and North - East India
Vegetarianism is not highly practiced at all
East indians spend most of theirs incomes on food
Fresh water fish and sweets are common East indian favorite.
Fish ,potato,coconut,rice and green vegetables dominates.

most influencing cuisne out of the vast different cuisine:

A.bengali cuisine(state of west bengal)
-dishes characterized by a mixture of sweet and spicy flavours
-famous for sweets:rasgullas,gulab jamuns and rasmalai
-bengalis have a love for freshwater fish and use them very often
-common spice mixture used:cumin seeds ,nigella seed ,fennel,fenugreek and mustard seeds.

4.South India
Reputed to be the spiciest of all indian cuisine.
Food are usually heavily spiced and employs coconut milk.
Greatest influence on Singapore and South East Asian (SEA) cuisine.

Some of the most influencing cuisines of the South:

A.Hyderabadi cuisine (State of Andhra)
-has influence from the Mughlai cuisine of the North
-the most spiciest and hottest of all indian cuisine
-rich and aromatic with a liberal use of exotic spices and ghee
-tamarind,red chilies and rozelle leaf are essential in this cuisine
-the dum biryanis is one of the most distinct Hyderabadi food

B.Tamilian cuisine (State of Tamil Nadu):
(most common in Singapore and SEA)
-rice dishes are an essential ingredient for breakfast ,lunch or desserts
-lentils and coconut milk are commonly used
-typical spices used includes:mustards seeds,asafetida,curry leaves,red chilies and tamarind.Making this cuisine very spicy
-chettinad cuisine(sub-cuisine),famous for spicy non-vegetarian dishes

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