Sunday, December 29, 2013

Haldi ritual for wedding

The haldi ceremony is being performed with lots of traditions and customs. It is general assumption that by applying haldi on to the body of groom and bride, the beauty of both of them would complex more at the D-Day. On the Haldi ceremony, the families of bride and groom apply haldi on them along with water. It is applied to bless the soon-to-be-wed couple with great fortune and prosperity. Turmeric powder is applied on the bride's face to ensure more sparkling skin for her wedding.
Historically, this ceremony is celebrated separately in homes of bride and groom, but nowadays, it is often done together. 
The haldi ceremony, also known as Uptaan ,is conducted different in some parts of India, where aata (flour) and rice added to the haldi, according the respective rituals and traditions. After pasting, haldi is allowed to dry and shower to emerge gleaming at the marriage event. Ladies gather in each family to sing folk songs for celebrating the occasion. The relatives in both the families enjoy food and drinks along with bride and groom, respectively. Hence, the haldi ceremony is the occasion of rituals and celebrations just like wedding.

  • Auspicious colors like yellow are worn on that day but these may not be new as clothes tend to get spoilt with Haldi stains.
  • For the Tel Baan all ingredients like henna, mustard oil, sindur (vermillion), curd, turmeric, salt and mustard seeds are put in clay pots and kept in a plate. Grass is then used to apply these 5 ingredients to the bride/groom.
 Haldi Ceremony

  • The family members (generally married couples) dip the grass in all the clay pots and apply it on the bride/groom’s feet, hands, knees, shoulders and head 7 times from bottom to top (Tel Chadana) and after everyone has finished, the same couples repeat the process 7 times from top to bottom (Tel Uttarna). In some families Tel Chadana and Tel Uttarna are on different days. But if you are constrained on time, you can have it together on the same day itself.


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